We are aware of the understanding of Turkish commerce that has been passed down from generation to generation with the accumulation of very rich and diverse cultures coming from the depths of its history. Our most important goal is to create value and contribute to the development of purchasing and supply management activities, which are one of the most important topics of today’s market conditions.

Our most important duties are bringing together all our stakeholders working in the private sector, public and non-governmental organizations

  • for the common benefit in accordance with all legal regulations of our country,
  • determining the basic standards of our profession,
  • improving them with understanding of excellence,
  • training our colleagues who suit these standards,
  • ensuring professional association with our colleagues and professional NGOs,
  • protecting the rights of our colleagues,
  • creating our sustainable competitive institutions,
  • further strengthening of our country’s economy and
  • introducing and implementing policies for domestic and national purchasing and supply philosophy in the tough market conditions of the globalizing world.

In the name of sustainability, we wish to contribute to the continuous education of all our stakeholders by preparing continuous training and development programs for the development of our profession.

We represent our profession together at the highest level…

Only with an organization with broad participation can our profession reach to the highest level. At this point, we ensure the value and recognition of our profession with our regional and sectoral boards of directors which also include all our colleagues from our country and senior purchasing managers of our leading companies.

The continuous development and optimization of our profession in line with its purpose can be achieved by gathering all supply and purchasing organizations under the roof of TÜSMOD.

We are breaking new ground in many fields for our profession and our country…

We are the first independent and non-profit institution authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Institution to determine the qualifications of our profession.

We are the “first and only” independent and non-profit organization representing our country in the field of “Procurement and Supply Management”.

We are the “first and only” independent and non-profit institution in our country, which deals with the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development determined by the United Nations in the context of “Purchasing and Supply Management” and offers the most comprehensive price index in its field to the service of our colleagues.

We do not compete with any professional associations and institutions, we cooperate…

TÜSMOD’s approach is to be at the fore in all activities aimed at the development of our profession. We wish to act in cooperation with all our colleagues and all relevant institutions on the path we set out with the goal of becoming the Top Professional Organization.  We want to establish the cooperation we have made with SASAYDER with all our other professional NGOs.

We are on the way to become a top institution by conducting career studies with the Ministry of Commerce and TOBB, which have agreed to send representatives to our organizations.

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